Monday, September 5, 2011

Roberto Carlos in the Holy Land

Guilherme Samora for Revista Quem
Singer Roberto Carlos, known in his native Brazil as the King, or O Rei in Portuguese, is taking a tour of the Holy Land in the days leading up to his live performance in Jerusalem on Wednesday, September 7th. Since his arrival in Israel on August 31st, His Majesty has visited a number of sites holy to both Jewish and Christian traditions and has met with Israeli leaders.  

Of particular note was Carlos's trip to the Western Wall, a remnant of the wall that surrounded the Second Jewish Temple built around 19BCE. In keeping with Jewish tradition (and law), the King used a kippah to cover his head when he stood before the Wall and prayed. On his way out, Carlos exchanged hugs and well wishes with the man in charge of all Western Wall affairs, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz.

Cláudia Shembri for TV Globo
At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where according to Christian tradition, Jesus was crucified and buried, Roberto Carlos was presented with a Cross of Jerusalem bthe Archbishop Fouad Twal.

Guilherme Samora for Revista Quem
During a meeting with Israeli President and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Shimon Peres, the King showcased his Hebrew language skills saying: "Shalom aleinu veal kol haolam." Peace to us and to all the world. 

Roberto Carlos will serenade his audience with is usual messages of love this Wednesday, September 7th at the Sultan's Pool. 5,000 people are expected to fill this ancient aqueduct turned music venue, including 3,000 Brazilians who are flying in just for the show. In addition to broadcasting the performance live this Wednesday, the Brazilian television network, Globo, will air a TV speacial about the Carlos's trip to the Holy Land on Saturday, and a DVD of his show will be sold in 115 countries. 

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