One of the ways I get my Brazil fix is through reading. My search for Brazilian and Portuguese language books, however, has not been easy. Whether at that the book store or online, I always find a plethora of non-academic texts about other countries in Latin America or in other foreign languages and never too much about Brazil or anything written in Portuguese. Occasionally, I'll find a classic Portuguese language book on for sale by a vendor for upwards of $25, sometimes as much as $80. For a freaking book! My main point is that Portuguese language books are not sold in the U.S. like all the Spanish and French titles we read in high school and college. 

Buying a Kindle did give me more options, however. A few contemporary Brazilian titles, while not available in paperback, do have Kindle editions for purchase on Kindle Brasil. I also discovered a few websites that have almost every classic Brazilian title and a number of more recently published titles available for download as a PDF file, free of charge. Once I've downloaded the file to my desk top, I can send it to my Kindle email account which automatically transfers the file onto the reading device. 

So here is the running reading list. Most titles I've read. A few I haven't, but I'll get to them soon. Some titles are higher brow than others. But all are, in some way, shape, or form, related to Brazil.

English language non-fiction:

English language fiction:

Portuguese language:

Download books for free:

Order books online:

If you have recommendations that aren't already on the list let me know! I'd love to hear from you.