Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gymfabulous: Brazilian Fitness Fashion

Fashion by Vivian blog
We've all seen that woman at the gym who, in her multicolored leotard and high socks, looks like she time traveled from a 1980's dance studio to your modern-day New York gym. This woman may or may not be Brazilian, but her style would surely be welcomed in the country's academias (Portuguese for gym).

Macacão Samira -
When in New York City, my running shorts and frayed, stained t-shirts are totally acceptable at a NYSC or Crunch, but for my Brazilian sweat sessions, I reserve my fitted tanks and spandex. Still, my black and grey ensembles don't seem adequate when compared to the workout wardrobes of the women at the gym I've been frequenting in Minas Gerais. Many of these women, including my Mineira friend and workout companion, wear bold colors and dizzying designs that appear painted on their bodies. 

How can't you enjoy your workout when you are perspiring ROYGBIV? And somehow, even with only one strap or no back, these jumpsuits and skimpy sports bras lend enough support to carry these women through their workouts. 

I've seriously considered investing in one of these kaleidoscopic cat suits, but I'm not certain I have the confidence of our 1980's flash-dance time traveler to make use of my purchase once I'm back in New York. 


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