Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daniela Mercury in NYC

Revellón 2011 on Copacabana Beach
The last time I went to see Brazilian music sensation Daniela Mercury, I couldn't get within 100 yards of the stage let alone hear a single one of her samba-axé-reggae-pop hybrid hits. The crowd was far too unruly. Revelers were focused only on meeting their own needs of waving down the nearest caipirinha or skewered shrimp vendor and guarding their rented beach chairs and coveted squares of sand. Such is New Year's Eve on Copacabana Beach, I suppose.

As much as I enjoyed Revellón 2011, I was disappointed I didn't get to experience Ms. Mercury's live performance. Lucky for me, Daniela Mercury is in New York City. That's right, folks. The same woman who headlined at one of the world's largest New Year's celebrations is kicking off her North American tour Friday, October 7 by taking the stage a the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. 

Daniela Mercury courtesy of BlaBlaBla NYC
Daniela Mercury is known in Brazil as the Queen of Axé, which means a supernatural force in the context of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé, but is also used to described a subset of Afro-Brazilian music that originated in the Mercury's home state of Bahia. The artist's influence reaches beyond her native Bahia, however, and even beyond Brazil. Mercury is one of the country's most well known female music artists, having sold 12 million albums world-wide and placed 14 of her songs in the number one spot on Brazilian charts and 24 in the top ten. 

Mercury's October 7 performance also marks the US release of her most recent album, Canibália (2009). And I just might have to buy a copy, since in North America, it's being packaged with a DVD of her December 31 Copacabana performance. Looks like I'll get a chance to see it after all.

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  1. I love Daniela Mercury. Anytime I can I write about her great music and great deeds:

    Sigh, wish I could see her in Carnaval again!