Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebrity Siting: Cast of Rio in NYC

The cast of Rio
Left to right: Marcel, Rafael, Nico, Blu, Jewel, Pedro, Nigel, and Luiz

I feel like my friends are always seeing celebrities walking around in NYC. Sarah Jessica Parker in the West Village, Thandie Newton in the East Village, Uma Thurman in Gramercy. I, generally, am not lucky enough to cross paths with these famous personalities, but today was different. I saw not just one, but two super stars from the hit, animated film, Rio

I spotted Marcel (above), camouflaged in the window of a Evolution in Soho. Blu (right) was hanging out at the playground in Hudson River Park in Tribeca. It turns out he has an apartment in the nearby Solaire on River Terrace. You're likely to catch him on nice days taking strolls along the walking path.

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