Monday, January 9, 2012

Bebel's Blooper at the Highline Ballroom

Red shoes.
Photo credit: sidewalkshoes
To kick off its 2012 season, SummerStage brought a killer line up to the Highline Ballroom this past Thursday, including nu bossa sweetheart Bebel Gilberto

Bebel began her headlining act with a disclaimer that she was nursing a broken pinky toe, so it was no surprise when she kicked of one of her red high heels during "Sun is Shining." The crowd even cheered as the shoe came off Bebel's foot and landed beside her. The second slipper didn't come off as gracefully, however. It flew off the stage and landed in the audience.

Watch the clip of Bebel's blooper and her singing apologies. View in full screen to get the full effect!
Although I didn't get it on film, after the song, Bebel attended once more to her victims. "How many drinks do I owe you?" she asked, getting a laugh from the audience. And in a last attempt to excuse herself, she cried "My toe! I'm just trying to be beautiful!" Well, Bebel, you're excused and beautiful as always.

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